I.      The Garage

Knelt beneath the staircase

my skin hummed against the threat

of discovery, the shock of her

blonde hair, the string of his guitar,

the damp silhouette beneath my thin

cotton dress. Clouds of laughter

and smoke swung between us, a circuit

of pungent electricity rocked

with soft delirium. She kissed

my lips with curling halos

of marijuana and strawberry, blew

dandelion-seed wishes for a boy.


II.     The Carnival

The arc of the Ferris Wheel winked

above crowns of swaying pine,

causing us to drift off track.

It was an asylum from the empty road ahead of us,

a catalyst for the drug, so we shoved

crumpled dollars into fat hands

of grey-haired ticket vendors, stumbled

arm-in-arm across straw-thatched grounds,

red-eyed, howling, lost in ourselves,

rapturous, discomposed–limitless.


III.    The Launch

We crawled inside the bench seat,

a metal bar strapped across our laps,

pinned to sweat-stained vinyl and faith in numbers.

The engine lurched and the machine gyrated

satellite shuttles into streams of brilliant

red and canary shrieks. Our bodies were fused

together in pools of marrow and spun-sugar.

My brother and sister, we were reborn

in mongrel gravity, the vicinity of three,

rendered invincible

by bastard youth.


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