My mind does not sway like

awkward young lovers slow dancing

at their high school prom.

My mind does not run up and down

a beach like water carried by the tide.

And my mind most certainly does not

billow like a branch in the breeze.


My mind is erratic and sporadic,

It’s fantastic and its spontaneous.

It jumps from room to room,

wall to wall like electricity

it is



My attention deficit is not a disorder,

it is a way of life.

A way of life that not all can understand

but for the few that do they can’t live any other way.


Side to side, up and down but never

billowing back and forth between

hobbies, interests, goals and direction at the speed of light





Everything else ceases to exist until a new

fascination catches your eye.

Some take medicine to slow the brain,

but I think this defeats it’s purpose.


Attention deficit is not a disorder no,

it is a way of life that allows for


creative explosion.


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