What shall comfort us creatures

and offer salve to our sorrow now?

Never those pubescent-speaking

military men who merely glance

in lieu of glaring. Never those

revolting, crippling contrivances

that never set eyes on spirits on

solid ground, nor infantries, trust-

worthy, uninformed in uniforms;

infectiously inexperienced.

Corruption begets corruptions,

atrocity reciprocates atrocity.


What prevailing evil winds &

complicitous joining of forces

might accomplish, alleviating

the longings of the pauperised

for despots to transfer loathing

into power, we will never come

to fully comprehend.


Hell! Even Mephistopheles lurks

in some shadow of doubt. Our

peripheral vision is veiled if we

fail to wince, hesitate to take

a breather, ruminate, and look at

the larger panoramic view.

Everything is labyrinthine.

All seems crooked, convoluted.

Nothing at all is ever deliberately

straight forward.


Gregory Wm. Gunn


Gregory Wm. Gunn grew up in small towns throughout Ontario before moving to London in 1970. Writing for over thirty years, he is most passionate about poetry. To date, Mr. Gunn has had poems published in Inscribed Magazine, Green’s Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, Wordletting Magazine, Songs for Every Race, Ditch Magazine, Ascent Aspirations, Steel Toe Review, Carcinogenic, The Light Ekphrasic, Cyclamens and Swords, et al. Also published are five collections of his selected poetry.

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