And so She was created from the dust, She who was Beauty, Compassion, and Love. The Creator placed her under the foliage of the dark forest, with an abundance of berries and seeds. She lived, alone.

The Creator viewed her solitary state with sadness and sent beasts of the forest to accompany her. The beasts, although friendly, were not the proper companions to such a creature as She. However, the Creator quickly formed a new thought. The Creator impelled She’s eyes to close, and She’s being to fall into the state of Dream. While She surrendered to this new and peaceful state, the Creator took from her being and created a companion for She. For the Creator, with knowledge of everything in the sphere of all that is and has been, created.

From She, came He.

Slowly She opened her eyes and viewed the new creature beside her. He was so much like her; He did not look like any of the beasts from the depths of the dark forest. He who was Strength, Security, and Companionship, He was hers. She caressed his head and felt only love. He opened his eyes carefully, for the light of the forest was powerful, and his young eyes were not accustomed to such brightness. He looked into She’s eyes deeply and across his lips formed a sign of happiness. She could not help but notice his beauty, so like hers. She took He by the hand and showed him the ways of the dark forest, She fed him berries, She introduced him to the beasts, and She warned him of the forbidden fruit…

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