There are some days when more strength is needed than others

and today is one of those days.


I do not know

why it happens but sometimes I awaken

and feel that Hell

is at the cusp of my bed,


And if I step too hastily I shall fall

for millions of miles

into the mouth of the nether-gods.


So I tiptoe around it.

I stand and I stretch

as though I have the limbs of a giant.


Yes, of a giant—but I shall need those limbs

today, because today is one of those days.


I forgo the oatmeal

and drink dragon’s blood instead,


“Yes, there it is,” I say, taking it from the cupboard,

in the canister behind the herbs

labeled The Blood of Dragons.


I tread lightly to the basin

and brush my teeth with Caligula’s ash.


I shower in the spittle

of an ancient deity (though choosing

one is always the difficult part).


I go to my closet and open the heavy doors hewn

from blackened wood and choose my armor.


For I must wear something that withstands

the fire of negativity;

the sharpness of stupid tongues;

the putrid mind; the living World.


I flank myself in an armor stitched

with Medusa’s hair,


and my helmet, usually made of wool or felt, is

now made from the bone

of Pegasus’s skull.


I go to my looking glass


and behold the wonder I have made

of myself.


I forgive the spectacle

of it all,

“Because I shall need it much,” I say.


I decide to forgo my vitamins

and down a handful of fingernails

pulled from the hand of Richard III.


This dissolves well, I find,

with a shot of Shakespeare’s bile.


Yes, I think, now I am ready

to face the day!


But before I pass over the threshold,

I stop and do the sign of the cross

thinking it can’t hurt. After all,

I shall need it much today.


Gabriel “G” Garcia

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