Seizing Optimism

Tangled in a ruthless sea of anxiety and adversity,

my lungs crave the cool clarity of the air

but fail to conquer the destructive consistency

of this hurricane’s warfare.


My eyes sting with the salt of my past,

But still I see a glimpse of the light of relief.

I struggle to make this speck of oxygen last

as I’m swallowed by these waves of defeat.


Hurled into the shady blue depths of catastrophe,

Straining to defy the wrenching current of cynicism,

I dig my nails deep into the sand and into my sanity,

searching desperately in every seashell for wisdom.


I extend my arms toward the glowing luminosity of liberation

and kick my feet against the consumption of this sea.

Breathing purely off wilting hopes and determination,

I refuse to let this ocean of drowning dreams engulf me.


Breaking through into the atmosphere of belief,

I gasp for emancipation and breathe in gulps of hope

as I closely clutch the seashell from beneath

that has taught me how to float.


Having Faith

As I shed my leaves I become drenched with vacancy and despair

because without each of my blooms in this chill I feel completely worthless and bare,

each encompassing a story, a memory, a lesson, a regret,

leaves of love, leaves of pain, some leaves I wish I could forget,

but each had branched together to complete a singular tree

colored with life and specks of beauty and authenticity.

They glide gently to the ground, carried by the soft grace of the wind,

so effortless and peaceful, yet I feel so empty and thinned.

The cold becomes colder and my loneliness remains thick and dark.

I rapidly lose hope, feeling incompetent dressed in only a bland sheet of bark,

but the welcoming rays of Spring arrive and paint over the wintry gloom,

and in contrast to all of my negativity, a new batch of leaves I blissfully begin to bloom.





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