The nauseous breath of change blows bravely

into my warring heart, saying gravely


I have a greater calling


outside my parents’ house where the garden

dies annually, a sickly warden


of youth, ever stalling.


I pray to a different God today

than yesterday, a funeral away.


This God sends me spinning


into adulthood with a Dev’lish wink.

Not ready, I bend over the kitchen sink


a child, a coward, a beginning,


seeing nothing but distorted distortion;

potential fleshing out of proportion.


But then!

I see a vision perfected.


One day

I’ll come back with mask of sagging skin,

stomach settled, and I’ll see the garden


Die and be resurrected.



Elaina Perpelitt is a student at Chapman University. When she’s not writing film and play scripts, she’s writing poetry and novels.

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