battered, bruised

used, overlooked



poor yet rich in

faith unprotected

sex object in

the eyes of

bad and dark spirits,

bad and dark souls


innocent, saved, redeemed

in time

tired of working

for worth with (already)

a worthy name


short of being tall

obese yet healthy

enough to


survive, surmount, embrace

being troubled in

mind do


like to communicate

with only the truthful,

with only the wise;


a teacher, loyal friend

perplexing lover poised

in damaged purity…


Image of,

reflection of enmity

that keeps apart

two souls drawing near



two shades of color

warming the

beauty of your



a ray of sun-

lit sand

an island

who holds its miseries…


at a distance here

or far away

waiting, patiently


for sound to break

silence hitting

a sea called

lonely ears.

A heart

dying for hope

to have again

the true desire

of equal treasures


in a mirror of

equal measures

weighing you

into me


as an image

of we.


Leah James


Leah James is an emerging African-American writer of poetry who writes in combinations of English, French and Spanish. She is a Midwest native who writes with the flavor of Chicago, the syncopated smoothness of St. Louis and gravity of the deep south.


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