(Notes on) A Suburban Landscape

Where dwelling is a mode

Of citizenship


Not self

Not text / landschaft

Because the world

Has been always

Made even not here


But the proprietary between-places

That poetry occupies


‘Filling [one]’—like Lewis or

Clark—‘with vague cravings


To satisfy’



Beyond the formal



Without authority


The daft all-over metropoles

And their back-

Ground of ordinances

Gridding the rural

Mile square mile


Mostly what we notice mostly:

Slightly interesting events

Things to be scared of

Persons with dogs

Taking the place

Of reference anxiety

It’s true:


If the way through

Were not also the way in

We would be lost


Taking Turns

Soon I too will

Carry my string


Into the wilderness



Useful language

Or handsome shadow


I know change

Is not easy


But I resent

The silence


My body makes

Space around it to live in


To have an ideal

When I get back there


To the terror I hope

That song


You used to sing

When you


Thought I wasn’t

Listening still


Has the old

Stardusted magic


Eric Rawson


Eric’s work has recently appeared in a number of periodicals, including Ploughshares, Agni, and Denver Quarterly. My book The Hummingbird Hour was published in October.

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