When did the waves reach the cities?

I wasn’t aware the tides could topple our temples.

Is this the end of narcissism? Of pride?

It is a possibility, yet such a negative thought.

A nomadic lifestyle thrives upon the ego.

Weakness is simply a doorway to failure.

This is knowledge spoken by the lips of children.

Yet, as life decrees so often, I thrive on hesitation.

Costly, self-destructive, ignorant hesitation.

Chances gone as the winds of change scream through my existence.

This endless ocean of black and white thought,

These eternal fields of extremist figurative speech,

They entangle me in a past my future can’t explain today.

I have hope, and that makes everything surreal.

It’s a shame that life survives on the antithesis of dreams.

Hope has no place in a realists environment.

Dreams are homeless and abandoned.

Where did my arrogance go?

Where has my pride fled to?

Is this the struggle I am destined to inherit?

Questions are floods,

And I’m lost in a desert.

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