I get my best ideas while in the shower.

Plums are best when sweet and cold.

I faint at the sight of blood.

I don’t know what color my hair is,

I’ve heard it both ways.

I pick spiderwebs with bare fingers.

Trains mimic washing machines and lull me to sleep.

I always unintentionally burn the toast.

Insecurity haunts


I hold a world record. Look it up.

I would have voted for Obama, if I was eighteen.

Unfortunately democracy only stems so far.

Nightly rituals are not to be broken;

Piece of chocolate, Italian soap.

I will listen to you, let you hit me,

Let you cry on my shoulder.

What are friends for?

I work to keep an open mind.

Laughter is like bells, shattering still air.

If I could, I would stand in sunshine and never move.

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