Like a silent lover,

Summer slipped out this morning.

The sheets were pulled aside.

Summer’s clothes were gone,

and my outstretched arm lay

under the phantom nape of her neck,

my body folded into her vacant back,

my hand caressed her missing thigh.


Autumn tried to slide into Sumer’s side of the bed,

(her mattress-impression doppelgänger)

but her feet were cold and sent

shivers through my shins, so

I told her she needed to put on socks

or get out of bed.  She said maybe

it would be better if she started

making breakfast. I went back to sleep

and dreamed us two together again.

Tyler King is currently working toward his B.A. in English at Whitman College. His work has been published in The Binnacle, the December 2009 and 2010 issues of Quarterlife, and featured online at and More of his writing can be found on his blog:

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