Remember the power of a single nail to talk to an obstinate wall.

Men act as a safety issue.

He has worked under the cheek.

Turn and eat!  Turn and shout!

But do not worry, do not worry: the spirits of the community are trying to protect his fingers.

They learn that the secrets of the true diameter cannot be broken.

But your body is full wrath.

We will help you force a stubborn, but spiritual, oak.

In the study you can hear my friend.

But the dictator will eventually be lost.

Please dare to try to learn your enemy.

I caught a heavy cold.

If the sink was buried in a damaged and repellent beard.

We are all paid within inches of hearing of prisoners in winter.

Strike!  Strike!  Drive from the bees.

He was found dead of smoke.

The victim is not your problem, large or small.

The word most often heard words:

Onions, fish, the first question, why you did not hear me complain.


As first waves crash over first faces

We realize the desk’s purpose has been compromised

By our growth.  You are more than you were.

We’re looking for the right translation, but you have to turn around.

It’s the question of whether it just keeps extending in space

Or stops because you stop.  But its lack of life

Offers life to another in the future

(he can keep calling that stone my stone) if you get my meaning.

We must conceive it thusly, because to do otherwise

Would be to deny the orchestra its due (they take an obligatory bow)

And it will surely be remembered that

Not a few men have been killed by trumpets to the head.

I’m watching the spray.

I’ve thought about what hat you will wear.

It’s the only thing on my mind.

You wake, at first, in the clothes of ideas

And settle finally, fitfully, into

The rushing of traffic on early rain.

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