What do you eat when
you’re not in love?

river mud
salted straw

still I don’t grow


I have a deck
and every card
is the Queen
of Hearts. I deal
my own hand
on the bedspread
every face up
card is her
and every back
your hair.

Cybernetic Reification

control through feedback
-your mother-
turn into a thing
spittoon crankcase bag jug
overshoot and undershoot
bitchgoddess pantywaist
give it a name whore

A “use of force” incident

S. told the guard she had been hit with a chair.
(A woman would be a victim of rape…)
The guard returned to the topic at hand.
(if she had sexual intercourse with a person
who was not her spouse…)
“He had me down
on my left side, bent over.” (by force;
or by threat of force…)
His rings cut S.’s face
and blood spurted (that would prevent resistance
by a person of reasonable resolution…)
the floor (or when she was unconscious;…)
and table; S. had a history of ‘fast racing thoughts
and trouble sleeping.’ “She was a very quiet
person. When you used to give her things,
she used to clap her hands, like a little child.”
(or if she was so mentally ill and/or incompetent…)
The next morning the floor was still wet
with S.’s blood (that she was not capable
of consent.)
when prisoners cleaned the day room.


I must see three battered children
newly placed in foster care.
One is scarred.
The others’ wounds
Not seen but
bona fide.
How much can be


angels in the mirror
looking at me
angels in the mirror
I can’t see

angels smiling at me
with a laugh
angels glitter at me
breaking glass

look at smoke around me
look wordless
disbelieving angels
look so blessed

seek relief my angels
rose to be
angels in my mirror
laugh with me

angels in my mirror
watching me
angels without voices
breaking free

angels in the ashes
glitter little angels
sing to me

glitter little angels
almost done
turn it to the wall

put away the pieces
let me be
angels fly around me
set them free

angels left the mirror
just for me

by Kelley White (c) 2002
([email]kelleywhitemd [at] yahoo [dot] com[/email])

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