Tinged silver-blue

by moonbeams,
luminous earth mother
hums with ethereal music.
Her velvet footsteps
pass the spiked fence
of coastal cedars,
solitary sentinels
old as time,
guard the night.

Luna moths,
iridescent ghosts
in magic moonlight
float among fireflies,
a starscape on earth,
fallen on a sleepy meadow.

Mother goddess,
fertile nymph-spirit rests,
bedded down on pillow moss
deliciously fragrant
while angel-fingered fronds
caress her face.
Cicada serenade,
a moondust lullaby
of echoed dreams
envelopes her.
She sighs, sleeping
among ferns, at peace.

Earth Mother first appeared in [i]Literary Potpourri[/i].

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