and if i say [i]november[/i]
maybe you picture a grey sky
hung low over darker hills
and maybe this time you’re right

and what if all i have to offer
are these carefully chosen words in
a world full of the sick and
the butchered?

there are worse things than
hearing you are no longer loved

there are reasons men give
for raping their daughters but
none of them matter

and i am tired of being damned
by the fools who want to
force god’s cancerous weight
between my ribs

i’m sorry for tyranny and for
the ignorance that leads to hatred
but i am not the cause or
the cure

this is what i
want my son to understand when
we no longer speak to
each other

it’s what i never understood
about my own father

a coward
is not necessarily a

a starving dog in the right hands
is a weapon

left alone it will only die
or devour the world

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