[b]Over and done with[/b]
blaze of fire
splash of water
fired bullet

husband and wife
a love forever
a daughter beloved

an old girlfriend
a mad coworker
a raving lunatic over

blaze of fire
splash of water
fired bullet

burn out
dry up

blaze your fire
splash some water
pull the trigger

I’m tired of waking up
to the same old sun,
beautiful as it may be

I’m tired of going
to the same job,
no matter how much
money I’m making

Tired of the same
house, the same
neighbors and locals

Sweetie, I’m even
tired of you
Bang! Dead

[b]All Baptized With Sin[/b]
he watched the
blood drip slowly

slowly down the wall
stunned he walked quicker

quicker down the hall
the old dead man said

said hey y’all
he watched the young

young killer fall
the bullet pierced

pierced his flesh the
young one breathed

breathed his last the
old one he stood

stood tall said I love
you son watched

watched as you fall
down the dark pit

pit you call life
saw your blood run

run cold
you became violent

[b]I Once Had A Dream[/b]
I once had a dream of a beautiful place,
A place deep underground.
And in this beautiful, beautiful place,
Rows of graves can be found.
I walk down the tunnel which leads to the graves,
And tears roll down my face.
I stop on a grave, a fresh dug grave,
Then sit on the dirt and cry.
I wonder whose grave I’m crying at,
And open my eyes to see.
I let out a gasp and then a cry,
As I realize the grave is for me.

(c) 2001 Joy Daussin
([email]jdauss1 [at] msn [dot] com[/email])

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