thick bones and hanging skin
are pinned under six wool blankets.

white skull covered
in red wet skin
soaks in soggy pillow.

oven iron
holds oak fire
as an alto woman’s lounge smoked song
cracks through a single speaker

a cigarrette burns
and sleeps moist
in a coffee can of butts,
smoldering in the swelter,
smoking like the steam
off a pot of simmering water.

a breath weezes
and a throat gargles.

watery blue eyes
slip out from under
greasy lids,

they wiggle
then freeze
then fail to see.

[b]sensation to thought[/b]

blood lips drip open
to a dandy yellow,
a lion sun
lollipop hot
tang-sweet to tongue.
the strength of rays,
of rumbling gun blast slugs
searing through
the grey cloud,
the matter of brain,
to the reason-
heat drips away.

[b]sonnet inkling[/b]

exchange a plastic bag full of your blood
for sticky mint green paper.
exchange sticky mint green paper
for caviar like fake pearls covered in wet ink
inside one rusty chain link.

exchange sticky mint green paper for
pasture covered in dead angus,
holstein and jersey cattle.

exchange sticky mint green paper
for a silver spiral binding,
colored fluid and wood shavings,
and a lamp to tickle them.

ink black light
with linked white shavings.

© 2001 Chad Rood
([email]chad [at] gotcannedgoods [dot] com[/email])

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