Black horses, bronze sunsets and crystal mountains: fields of corn: clouds catching all the light of tonight’s moon: birds with golden throat: clusters of kindly and memorable sycamores: wild cherries, wild roses and cranberries: lemons: weeping willows over honeysuckles: monarch butterflies and milkweed pods: cougars, bobcats and panthers: iris, dandelions, rhubarb: waterfalls, pools, moss: ivy and rosehips, gusts, breezes and thunderstorms: the honeybee and the hummingbird: seacoasts: peaches, pears, pomegranates: grottoes, canyons and mesas: oranges, limes, plums, dates, strawberries: fir trees, maple trees, apple trees: goldfish and swordfish: falcons and parrots, chestnuts and walnuts: almonds, Brazil nuts and hazel nuts.

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