A year ago if somebody had said AstraZeneca

I would have thought

South African tennis player, German sports car

the hot AK47 toting freedom fighter

that was my imaginary, Nazi slaughtering, girlfriend

in a war I was never in


Even the smugly lensed boffins in Oxford

dipping their Hobnobs, hypothesising

over the powerfully entitled thrust of

Boris Johnson, their sly Megan phantasies

would have calculated a blank.


I was lucky to get it

walked into the no name pharmacy

between anonymous suburbs

on an early spring day


for a grumpy old white man like me, to

stab me with a needle

then mass stab a line of other old white dudes

perhaps thinking, I hope, like me,


we had given another chance, this entitlement

will give us time to understand, what it is to live.


Alan Hill

Alan Hill is the former Poet Laureate of the small City of New Westminster in western Canada. He came to Canada in 2005 after meeting his Vietnamese- Canadian wife to be whilst they were both working in Botswana.

Featured Artist: Michael Hower

The Instrumentalists

The Muckers

The Precisionists


Michael Hower

Michael Hower is an artist and photographer from Central Pennsylvania. His work focuses on historical themes. He photographs historical and abandoned places, depicting human objects and structures in modified environments now devoid of human activity. For him, the artwork is always more than the photograph. It is also about the research, the place-seeking journey and the telling of forgotten stories after the capture is made. His artwork has been displayed in galleries, museums, and publications around the country.

Lana Eileen

The Language of Water IV


Lana Eileen

Lana Eileen is a musician and visual artist currently based on the island of Tasmania, Australia. As a musician, Eileen has traveled extensively, touring and recording internationally in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, before expanding her focus to include visual art, with a particular emphasis on photography. In 2019, she undertook an artist residency in remote Iceland. Previously based in New Zealand, Eileen currently resides in Tasmania, where she attends the School of Creative Arts and Media.

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