Breathe me.
Part your lips,
draw me in
Hunger for me,
want me,
I am all
you require.

Taste me.
Lick my salt,
I lie thick
on your tongue,
like ash spewed
from a volcano.
Feel my tremors,
thirst for me
in the desert.
I am like rain,
I will wash
you clean.

See me,
watch me
love you.
Close your eyes,
feel me enter
the temple.
Love is religion.

Religion first appeared in [i]Coil Magazine[/i].

Phu Cat, Vietnam-1970

Explosions varumpf
across red clay valley,
tongue-fucking my ears.
Micro jet loops,
carves new hole
in earth’s shoulders.
Sound delayed by distance,
sight not far enough.
Monsoon rains death,
but cannot cleanse.
Addictions birthed here,
reunions in hell gather here.
Heroin high,
never been lower.
Mama san knows,
gums betel nut;
red mouth, no teeth.
we will all go,
one way or another.
I fly away, never leave.

Phu Cat, Vietnam-1970 first appeared in [i]Coil magazine[/i].

Exile In Room 101

Life has had its way with me.
I am exiled,
to a chair in this hotel room,
counting lines in wallpaper.
Lines so straight, sharp
you could shave with them.
Imprisoned with me;
vertical cellmates.

My life revolves around me,
gliding along walls.
brings retreat,
in the written word.
I rise above,
free from form,
look down quiet,
velvet halls
leading to a lobby
full of strangers,
checking out,
resuming lives
I have not lived.

Exile in Room 101 first appeared in [i]Coil Magazine[/i].

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