The little ant stood on the edge of

the curb, to avoid being stepped on

and looked down,

as the city crowds shuffled by,

faces clinched to another

average  day.


And  someone noticed the little ant,

on the curb’s edge – and shouted

to the ant, “Jump! Jump you little fucker!”


It’s tough out here.


Tony Walton

Tony Walton is a Caribbean writer living in the Cayman Islands. His works have appeared in Storyteller Magazine, Moonkind Press, Whisperings Magazine, Mountain Tales Press, Out of Our Magazine, Poydras Review, Poetry Bay Magazine, Burningword Literary Journal, Wilde Magazine, Nite Writers Literary International Literary Journal, Tiny Moments, Avalon Literary Review, Iceland Daily, East Lit Literary Magazine, Boston Poetry Magazine, Eunoia Magazine, Olentangy Review, Carnival Literary Magazine, Verity LA, Phantom Kangaroo, Tincture Journal, Star 82 Review, Seltzerzine, Literature Today and Morphorg Magazine.

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