You are young,

You always want to run.

feet would rather resist friction,

tugging beneath

the soles of your shoes,

than to compromise;

With resistance.

a constant battle,

throughout your youth;

You are disillusioned,

you want to travel faster,

than the sonic booms.

The electricity glistens;

You get older,

Feet start to develop

an appreciation for friction,

You gradually ease off;

The ignition,

had an epiphany

don’t need to sprint,

into the ground,

that will inevitably,

force you under.

Retrace your steps,

drawing every line in reverse,

want to reclaim youth?

It’s alluding you.

advanced so far in life

yet the waves

still succeed each other,

and the projections in the skies,

still creep until they meet their demise.

ask yourself, a paramount question,

“Why did I run so much?

when my skin was smooth,

when life didn’t feel so fragile?”

You start to notice things,

How the sun gleams

in the summertime;

how the flowers bloom,


An aesthetic marvel.

you utter,

It’s the process of human nature,

mathematically calculated;

into the circle of life,

but even so,

before you realize it,

your heart rapidly skips,

before you turned to dark,

so why the realization abruptly

why wait until eternal


when trying to formulate

constellations in your head

until you realize that you are finally dead.


Chris Ozog


Christopher Micolay Ozog is a twenty-one year old aspiring author and poet residing in the college educated town of Ann Arbor Michigan. Chris was Raised by two dedicated polish immigrants who once fought for their freedom in a movement that was proclaimed; “The Polish Movement Of Solidarity” during the height of the countries communism in the early to mid 1980’s. Chris has stated that he draws a substantial amount of his influence of poetry and literature from his parents who instill in him a diligent mindset. His parents put a strong emphasis on the value of literature and education which has stuck with him throughout his years of life. His affinity for the music, particularly of indie rock, can be seen in his poetry as he has drawn extensively from lyricism of that genre as well as Rap. He cites his top influences as Matthew Caws from Nada Surf, famed rapper K’naan, Michael Jackson, and rapper brother ali. He is also a fan of literature admires the workmanship of J.D. Salinger. He celebrates his Birthday On December 6ht, 1991.

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