the enlightened inquisitor

We are meaningless bolts of animalistic cruelty

lost in working class delusion;

enthusiastic mimes latching onto shriveled worries.


The blood of the gutless man

emerges from infected wounds.

Annihilating creativity upon contact,

this gaudy, guile puss

waits upon a terrace of glistening destruction.


Eventually this handsome camouflage

melts into a pool of greasy defeat.

With the right weapons

it always will.


every night

I wish that every night

you could come over

and we could sleep in past noon.

we could skip all of our

damn responsibilities,

face the alarm clock against the wall,

wake up when it feels right

and cook breakfast naked.

we could drink expensive Cabs all night.

we could get higher and higher,

higher and higher

and never come down.

we could stumble to a nearby deli,

our laughs echoing across Hollywood.

we could snack on the finest cheese

and dance around the Numark.

we could make love for hours;

on the couch,

in the kitchen,

and a grand finale on the balcony.

we could do all of this

every night.



Cliff Weber is 24 years-old and lives in Los Angeles. He has self-published two books, “Matzo Ball Soup” in 2009 and “Jack Defeats Ron 100-64” in 2010. A new collection will be available in 2011. His work has appeared in Adbusters, Physiognomy in Letters, Bartleby Snopes and Out of Our. Weber is currently in need of a book publisher.

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